Aero Instrument

The Aero Instrument company is designing and manufacturing magnetic pickups since 1994. If you’re looking for a non-standard pickup that fits your instrument - or simply your needs, there’s a great chance that our friends ad Aero had already made one of these. Enough said, their entire catalog including all the options and parameters features OVER 600 UNITS!

The most recognized instrument-building company that uses Aero products is the famous Fodera shop. They use Aero pickups for their top-notch custom bass guitar models, player by such amazing bassists as Anthony Jackson, Matthew Garrison and Tom Kennedy.

Becoming Aero’s polish distributor we’ve decided, that you’ll be able to purchase any type of pickups they manufacture through us, to avoid limiting our offer to just bass-related products. We tend to have a lot of bass and gitar pickups of various types and styles in stock on site, and as stated earlier, we can deliver the strangest pickup ever – whether it’s an 11-string bass or an electric ukulele, we’re here to help you.

So – if you need a top-notch custom magnetic pickup of Any kind for your instrument, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be happy to help you choose the right model for you. And should you choose to pay us a visit – WE’LL INSTALL ANY STOCK PICKUP IN YOUR INSTRUMENT

You like ‘em – you pay up and that’s that. But if you don’t – you Get your old pickups back and we keep on looking for a solution for you. Even better if you’re building a New instrument – your possibilities are endless!

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