The AccuGroove concept had been born out of a simple necessity – building a series of speaker cabinets that would feature much better frequency range and deliver a lot more quality per pound (weight, not currency) than any other cabs avaliable today. The creators of the Accugroove sound describe it as „one-cabinet-does-it-all approach”. It’s not necessary anymore to build a set of cabinets to gain a decent sound – most AccuGroove cabs already teliver great sound used solo. Additionaly, one of the main goals was to incoroporate this kind of quality into a not-too-big, easy-transportable and lightweight package. The end result are three and FOUR-WAY (!) cabs, consisting of a woofer, mid-woofer, midrange speakers and two(!) tweeters. Every section covers its own sonic area plus the construction features the „cabinet within cabinet” approach, in which you separate every speaker with their own „boxes”, to make sure they don’t interfere with each other sonically. All of that to cover every square inch of the room you’re playing in (or an open-air stage) with the reproduction of YOUR SOUND so accurate and beautiful, you won’t believe your ears. Guys at AccuGroove made sure, that no matter which cab you choose – the killer dwarf that goes by the name of Tri110L or the flagship-monster-cab El Whappo - they deliver what you need. Period.

The previously mentioned accuracy of the AccuGroove cabinets is quite unheard of. The El Whappo easily replaces two 4x10” cabs (!), which makes it perfect for larger venues and open air gigs, where you need all the headroom you can get. Tri210L is absolutely prefect for clubs and reherasals, filling the room with its beautiful sonic clarity. Tri110L and Tri112L by themselves can serve as a great cab for upright bass players, and as a set they’ll easily replace the Tri210L, and they’re easier to transport (mind that with that set you get twice the mids and tweeters, sound great!). The Tri115 excells at its silk lows, being a great bottom for a set with, say, a Tri110L, that is if you need a set. Whappo Junior is a perfect alternative for the previously mentioned 4x10”, Bill Dickens Signature is an alternative version with diffrent speakers in the same configuration, as the Maestro requested. And for you bottom-end-lovers (ekhm...) we got the ULTIMATE SUBWOOFER – Whappo Grande, a 21” beast of a speaker that features absolutely unprecedential speed and punch, not just the earth-shaking growl, all that enclosed in a (traditionally) lightweit and easy-transportable package... It could be easily used for taking down large buildings!

Both the AccuGroove cabs and amplifiers (coming soon!) are handmade in a small shop in California. All speaker magnets used are of the Neodymium type. You can order a soft padded case with an AccuGroove or Bassment logo (the latter are made in Poland on special order with multiple finish options) for any cab you like. And you’ll like at least one of them, that we guarantee you. Come, play & hear it yourself!

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